Emily Carding and the Occulted Bard

Emily Carding is on the podcast to chat about Shakespeare, esoterica and finding your own thing. Naturally this pairs well with some thoughts on nerdy stories, klezmer music by Oktopus and Robocop! On top of that there’s the weirdest Mailbag item yet and a Shakespearean drinking song! You can find out more about Emily on twitter and instagram: @emilycarding

Emily Carding

Emily Carding

I received the most delightfully odd package in the mail!

I received the most delightfully odd package in the mail!

LAdybug and Leviathan and the Teapot Full of Screams


This episode is a whimsical Doozy! We've got descriptions of two of my favorite shows from this year's Edinburgh Fringe! "Journey" by Swallow the Sea Caravan and "The Place You Once Forgot" by Ladybug and Leviathan! Ladybug and Leviathan then sat down with me to talk about Immersive Theatre, not startling people, and screaming into teapots. Later in the episode you get to hear the current version of a song I'm working on for a dark cabaret production with another fringe artist and then I answer some questions off a postcard!


Irish Mythen and the Beer Garden Guy

Irish Mythen sits down with Strangely to talk about finding your voice, dealing with hecklers and using folk music to change the world. There’s also the first report from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, some thoughts on tourism and Strangely’s favorite moment from Subdued Stringband Jamboree. Visit IrishMythen.com for more on Irish Mythen!


Marijo Martini and the Noises Downstairs

Fellow Morgan Block Building Artist Marijo Martini climbs the stairs to chat about being your own boss, the power of objects to hold memory and what all that noise from her studio is about. There’s also a book recommendation, some thoughts on back seat drivers and minimalism, and a song about Davy Crockett being a “nice guy.” Plus a ramble about Top Gun: Maverick!

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 12.02.27 AM.png

Nancy Canyon and the Boredom Punctuated by Terror

Fellow Morgan Block Building artist Nancy Canyon joins Strangely to talk about writing memoirs, working in a fire lookout and what our eyes see. There’s also a comment on a video game, some Zelazny and the Screwball Comedy “Blockers.”

Check out www.NancyCanyon.com for more of Nancy’s Work!

Song of the Week: The Elegiac, Traditional, American Song “On My Journey Home.”

Acrylic Painting on canvas,2 'x3' ©1989 by Nancy Canyon

Acrylic Painting on canvas,2 'x3' ©1989 by Nancy Canyon

Aaron J. Shay and the Uncomfortable Epiphany

Strangely’s Best, Banjoplaying, Bud Aaron J. Shay joins the podcast to talk about uncomfortable epiphanies, dealing with hecklers and the transformative power of speculative fiction. After that Strangely muses on Time Ghosts and decides against embracing them. Plus a brand new song about living in a punk house, some Findings, and Salma Hayek.

Aaron J. Shay - Photo by Rich Zollner

Aaron J. Shay - Photo by Rich Zollner

Cecilia Lister and the Absence of Clothing

My friend Cecilia stops by to chat about painting, gender and the “absence of clothing.” You also get to hear more than you’d probably like about my time in a Finnish bath house and what I think of using “Lazy” as a critique. There’s also a balladic ode to my home state and a review of a Bruce Chatwin book! (Follow @cecilia.lister on instagram for some amazing visual art!)

Episode 2 - Donato and Strangely chat about Magic

Episode 2! I’m just chugging along! Less than a week later and I’ve doubled the amount of content!

This week features a chat with my dear friend Donato about all things magical. Donato is a street magician who occasionally works parlor shows as well. (Even if you’re new to magic, hang in there, he’s got some recommendations about how to learn!)

I’ve also got a movie recommendation, a rumination on shared film experience, something called “veggie tales,” and a cover of “Father Grumble!”

If you've got a topic or guest suggestion, let me know in the comments below!

Episode 1 - Sarah Shay talks about The Wizard of Speed and Time

OMG! It's here! This is officially Episode 1! This week I chat with my dear friend Sarah Shay about a little-seen 80's film called "The Wizard of Speed and Time." You also get a reviews of "Fooling Houdini" and "King of Thieves." For good measure I've thrown in a brand new song called "Galodny The Russian Whale," and my (spoiler-free) review of Avengers: Endgame!

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