Pumpkin Carving & A Joyous Tune!


Hey everyone! If you've carved a pumpkin this year I want to see it! I've not made one in almost a decade and I had a blast with this one, although this "Warty Minion" (yes, actual name of the variety!) was a bit tough-skinned! Also, the hot climate here in LA is making it grow mold at an alarming rate!

This is a video of the second-ever performance of my new song "Glasses High! (Heart's Alight!)." I wrote it for my friends Sasha and Susi, and played it at their wedding. I like playing it so much I've added it to my regular show!

Very last minute, I got asked to open for a documentary film at the local indie film theatre (Pickford) in my hometown of Bellingham, Washington. “Hillbilly“ is a very personal journey into the heart of Appalachia by a LA-based filmmaker who grew up in West Virginia. She travels back to her hometown and visits her family, all during the 2016 election. Needless to say things get tense at times, but the overall feeling of the documentary is an uplifting one, about family, community and the ability of art to transcend our prejudices. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

I hope y'all enjoy this first North American peek at a new song! Special shout out to my Patrons over on my Patreon, who have helped support this whimsical nonsense!

Happy Halloween!