Leaving Facebook

I’m getting rid of my Facebook, and probably some other social media outlets too. This isn’t a knee-jerk reaction to some specific event, instead it’s a long-time-coming thing that I’ve finally decided to pursue after much consideration. 

I don’t think social media is inherently bad, but over the last few years I’ve just lost the drive to participate in it in the same kinds of ways. Recently I heard the actor David Tennant (Ten fans where you at?!) speaking about how he has no social media, how nice it was to not feel like he had to weigh in on every single thing, and so on. I found myself feeling jealous. Why not me? Then I realized it could be me.

I just did a trial separation from social media for about two weeks while camping with my family. It was some of the best time I’ve had in years. I read four books, did lots of writing, and even played trumpet every single day (which is annoying and hard!). I found I had the emotional energy and wherewithal to hang out with my ultra-conservative uncles and remain calm. I had frank discussions with people I had to look in the eye about politics, faith and s’mores. That last one ended up being the most intense, but that’s a private family matter…

This isn’t because I want to remove myself from “the conversation” or because I don’t care about “issues” or “the discourse” or any of that. Anyone who has interacted with me over the last decade knows I have opinions and feelings and a personal story and all the other things that make people worth hearing from, but the web is not my platform for that. My songs are. My writing is. Every hour I’m using facebook or twitter or instagram or reddit, is an hour I’m not making songs or writing books. I could never make this particular case as eloquently or as throughly as Neil Stephenson does in his little essay “Social Media” To summarize: I am good at something, and I want to spend my time pursuing that.

For years, I kept up a Facebook for a long time because there was a perception that it would help me promote my shows and my art. Looking back at the last two years, that has hardly been the case. Invariably it just leads to me being sad that people who say they're going on a Facebook event never show up. I'd rather take each show as it comes. I’ve always maintained that you should do the show for whoever is there and not worry about whoever is not. So I’m trying to cut out the things that seem tailor-made to make me focus on the “not.”

I’m still going to have a Patreon, a Blog and a personal Website, as well as the 2-3 podcasts I’m involved in producing. (Wow, just listing those makes me tired!) 

If you're a fan of my music and live performances you can follow and support much of that stuff over here: Patreon.Com/Strangely 

If you want to listen to the audiobook I've been recording of my first novel, you can find it here: Patreon.com/Strangelywritesbooks 

You can also find my official youtube channel here: Youtube Channel

I’m not going away, or “checking out.” I’m still here, I just want to be more intentional, thoughtful and present. This is how I’m trying to do that. Thanks for reading!